1. you used to take my breath away in the most astonishingly beautiful kind of way but now when i hear your name i choke i can’t fucking swallow why aren’t you by my side

2. i almost laughed when you left me crumpled up on your floor like a drawing or poem you couldn’t get quite right i was hysterical because you used to touch me like i was made of silk and look at me now

3. i don’t smoke but i know what it feels like because you took over my lungs and every breath i breathe out reeks of you it’s 3:38 in the morning and i’m coughing on your promises that dissolved like smoke

4. i burned myself yesterday on a boiling pot of water and i was tempted to do it again because it felt so familiar it felt like you god i need your fire keeping me warm

5. your smile splintered something in me and all i wanted from then on was to be snapped in half by you oh god what a fucking twisted mind i occupy

6. i thought i wanted you to break me to leave all my pieces scattered on the linoleum floor i thought i wanted to be shattered but when you tired to put me back together nothing fit nothing worked i ended up covered in gaping holes i thought it was beautiful but maybe i’d lost too much maybe that’s why you left

7. our whole relationship was fucking ironic and i love irony but i loved you even more

8. i learned a lot in school but my teachers never taught me that the boy whose laughter resulted in explosions in parts of me i didn’t know existed wasn’t the sun moon and stars he was just a fucking planet and i deserve a galaxy

9. goddamn it i thought we were everything i thought it was us against the world but it ended up being me against myself and you left me all alone

3:38 am // b.b (via stainsandbruises)

Jesper Waldersten

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"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"